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Posted On: May 22, 2017

Varnish is a important process for Paper Package Printing factory

In order to make a difference to Printed Paper & Packaging,Varnish process is very important.
Similar ink is applied on printing Press.
Varnish process in Printing Industry Can help more eye-catching for the visual Outlooking.

But Everthing has two sides: Advantage & Disadvantages
1)Varnish can Increase our perceived effect for products.
2)it is User-Friendly and with Cheap price, widely used to such as adding spot Finishing or Additional Processes. 3)Also has the ability to be manipulated to get your desired results.

Types For Varnish

Two types for Varnish: Gloss Varnish & Matte Varnish

Gloss Varnish:To get smooth Surface, Gloss Varnish can be Used over the full surface area or Specific Area.
This Can build special also a contrasting Effect, while increasing the depth of Color and Details.
But it may Also result in a reflective surfact which interfere with the Readability Of Words.

Matte Varnish:for this Varnish can Built the surface to Be smooth and soft.
A Non-Reflective surface, can make the words are easy to read. If you want a dynamic effect,
you are better off apply to use Gloss Varnish.

gift box package
Matte Varnish

However, Some other effects are possible with this type of Coating.

Satin Varnish: this is combination of Gloss & Matte Varnishes,Satin Varnish strikes balance between Medium shine & Reliable scuff Resistance. Satin Varnish doesn’t Draw Attention to show some kind of coating has been applied to protect the packaging.[/fusion_text]